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Aurora Nicaragua

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Existing Businesses

Make your dream come true of running your own hotel, restaurant, or tour guide company in Northern Nicaragua without the stress of the initial setup!  We have established businesses for sale.


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AL 1074 Ideal Live and Work Restaurant Location

This is the location of a successful cuban restaurant right outside of town on the road to the beach. The compound includes an antique reclaimed open air ranch constructed of native hardwoods. This building serves as the restaurant seating and kitchen area. The restaurant is separated from the living area by lush tropical garden featuring bamboo and many large leaf plant species. For a restaurant and living location, this is a great spot right out of the city where you can enjoy the breeze, open spaces and views of the volcanoes.


Price: $130,000

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AL 1731 Beautiful Boutique Beach Hotel.

This newly constructed boutique hotel is quickly making a name for itself amongst travelers looking for an more upscale option in Las Penitas. Every detail was considered during the construction of this elegant vacation getaway, and the end result is a beautiful hotel that is becoming a hot spot for the more discerning clientele. In a few short months, the business is turning profit, and there is plenty of opportunity for an entrepreneur to grow the business in a dramatic fashion. 


Price: $475,000

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AL 1707 Breakfast Restaurant with House for Sale

EL DESAYUNAZO was the first international breakfast place in Leon and it is undoubtedly one of the most popular places to get a great breakfast in town. If you are looking to become a business owner in the lovely city of leon this is definitely a great investment opportunity.

Price: $195,000





Aurora Leon, Coastal & Colonial Realty
Park of the Poets 1 block and 20 meters north. Leon, Nicaragua
Central America