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Aurora Nicaragua

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About Leon and the Northern Coast

Le贸n is 90 km from Managua located in the northwestern region of northern Nicaragua, and is the second largest department in Nicaragua. Though it rivals Granada with historic Spanish colonial homes and churches, one of the unique things about Le贸n is the proximity to the beautiful beaches. There is no other major city in Nicaragua that is only 15 minutes from the beach.  Although Le贸n lost the title of capital city in 1858, there is no doubt that it is the intellectual and cultural capital of Nicaragua. With 5 major universities and 14 cathedrals, it is a hotbed of vibrant local culture and activity that no other city can offer. Although tourism has been slower to develop in the north, it is steadily increasing as many travelers realize the proximity to the ocean and the authenticity of its culture.

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Northern Nicaragua offers an abundance of perfect, empty waves. We have barreling reef breaks, point breaks and beach breaks as well as nice mellow beginner waves. Nicaragua is said to be the Land O鈥 Lefts but for you regular footers we can show you some great rights as well. In recent years, more and more people have heard about the incredible surf of Northern Nicaragua, making the value of real estate around these surf breaks increase.



The offshore fishing in Northern Nicaragua is unbeatable. Fisherman come from all over the world to fish the waters of Nicaragua who come away pleasantly surprised with their bounty.  You may be sitting on the bench seat of a local fisherman鈥檚 boat, but you will be guaranteed to bringing home a good catch.



With the world's greatest concentration of inland waters, plentiful rainforest and a string of striking volcanoes, Nicaragua is considered one of Central America's hottest adventure destinations. Northern Nicaragua is home to one of the largest rain forests in the world, the Bosawas Biosphere located in the region of Jinotega. The variety of flora, fauna, and insect life that inhabit the 1.8 million acres of the UNESCO protected Nicaragua biosphere makes it regarded as one of the most ecologically important regions in Nicaragua.

Northern Nicaragua is also home to one of the most fascinating attractions, the Maribos Volcano Range. This string of volcanoes cut through the department of Le贸n and gives Le贸n a unique landscape. Among these volcanoes is the youngest of Central America; Cerro Negro. This black hill offers great possibilities for hiking as well as for Volcano Boarding. Another great climb is the Telica Volcano, which has a huge crater and fantastic views. Momotombo is another active volcano and is one of the most challenging volcanoes to climb, but your efforts will be rewarded with splendid views and spectacular surroundings.

Social Responsibility

Aurora Le贸n Realty is a proud sponsor of several local and national foundations geared to increase sustainable development and support of local communities. Since our Northern Nicaragua office was founded by Jordan Clark a former Peace Corps volunteer in Guatemala, Aurora Le贸n Coastal and Colonial Realty has been fortunate enough to work together with the Peace Corps, micro-financing programs like Pro Mujer and Kiva, and we continue to give back to the community in any way we can. Giving back is part of the beauty of living in Nicaragua.



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